competent lawyer

He must advise the person who comes to consult him and that he will eventually assist. As such, he gives legal consultations during which he provides information on the chances of success of a procedure, the stages of drafting a contract or the cost of litigation.

A certification role

He is empowered to countersign deeds under private signature such as contracts. The certification of an act by a lawyer gives it real legal certainty. This prevents any subsequent litigation between the parties.

A representative role

He acts in place of his client for any act before the courts, whether civil or criminal, and with various other players in the justice system. In the exercise of this mission, he accomplishes all the formalities on behalf of the person he represents and takes the floor, during the hearings, to explain the position of his client before the court.

A support role

In this context, he can access the investigation file at any time during criminal proceedings to prepare his client’s defence . He is empowered to request additional investigations from the investigating judge.

Good to know: The importance of the first contact with a lawyer

Given the significant powers conferred on him, it is essential to have a good relationship with his lawyer. You must be able to trust him to serve your best interests in the context of a dispute such as the drafting of a contractual document.

Should you choose a specialist or generalist lawyer?

The choice of a general or specialized lawyer will depend on the reason that leads you to seek the assistance of this professional. As a general rule, for a professional dispute, it is advisable to opt for a lawyer with a specialization in the field concerned so that he can best defend your interests. To do this, it is important to clearly determine your needs and to have a minimum knowledge of the different areas of intervention of lawyers .

A generalist lawyer is able to take care of all cases, but, in fact, all lawyers have one or more specializations chosen during their studies. When you are an entrepreneur or director of a company, it is advisable to have recourse to a specialized lawyer.

Most matters require the assistance of a lawyer with fine and precise knowledge in the following areas:

t is a fairly broad law that encompasses a large number of subjects, namely company law, company procedures in difficulty, labor law, contract law, taxation, intellectual property law.

It designates all the rules governing the life of companies from their creation to their disappearance.

commercial law

The commercial lawyer deals with all the commercial relations of a company or a company. This can be the drafting of a contract, the establishment of a commercial lease or disputes with a commercial partner.

Labor law or social law

The lawyer specializing in labor law or social law is competent for all disputes between employers and employees.

tax law

It is a branch of law which concerns the rules of taxation of individuals, but also of businesses and companies.

Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law protects immaterial rights such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, image rights, counterfeiting.

The law of new technologies

With the development of the Internet and digital technology, a specific right to domain names, e-commerce, IT contracts and the protection of personal data has emerged.

The law of companies in difficulty

It is a specific branch of business law that comes into play when the company is in a situation of safeguarding, recovery or judicial liquidation.

In civil matters, it is only mandatory for disputes over €10,000. Moreover, it is not imposed for proceedings before the criminal court. Nevertheless, representation by a lawyer is strongly recommended to defend your interests in cases that can be complex and require specific know-how and skills.

Should I choose a lawyer who is geographically close?

You should know that the choice of a lawyer is totally free, without territorial limitation. However, a lawyer can only apply, that is to say carry out the formalities relating to a dispute on your behalf, before the courts of the jurisdiction of the court of appeal in which he has fixed his professional residence. If you choose a lawyer outside the jurisdiction of the court who must examine your case to represent you, the latter will have to use what is called a solicitor to carry out the legal proceedings.

Choosing a lawyer near the premises of your business or the head office of your company can be useful if you call on him for an advisory mission. This is the case for the drafting of a contract or even a legal consultation.

In the context of a dispute, it is not uncommon for the court seized to be not located near your premises. In this case, it is better to choose a lawyer close to the place of examination of the case. To do this, you will need to contact the bar of the tribunal de grande instance (TGI) concerned to obtain the list of lawyers who are registered there.

These legal professionals freely determine the cost of their services depending, in particular, on the time spent and the complexity of the case. It is advisable to inquire in advance about the required fees.

To find a good lawyer , it can be useful to be accompanied . Captain Contract offers you lawyers with recognized skills to meet all your legal needs. And if you are not completely satisfied with the professional, we put you in touch with another lawyer as soon as possible.

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